Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pre-Fall 2013

First post ever! Smells like new car.

So as the first cab off the rank, here are the winners of Pre-Fall 2013:

3.1 Phillip Lim

Onya Phil. You have made me almost start to think about considering wearing over the knee boots. Yet another tick to sheer sleeves - I've made a mental note to start scouring Etsy for sheer bombers and tops again. I absolutely love the biker-inspired phoenix motif, but I can't put my finger on why exactly. I feel like I had a surf store backpack with something like this on it when I was about 12, so maybe its nostalgia. Either way, this range is tops - bet you $10 Christine Centenera wears the bulk of it.


Guillaume Henry you diabolical...what's that? You want all of my money? Nicole Phelps of Style.com called this collection "irreverent", but I'm feeling pretty reverential toward it. Not only has it restored my love of knee high socks by taking all the schoolgirl out of it, but it has also locked in my need for many many parkas this season - so perfect for pissweak Australian "winters" and easy to find as vintage! The coat on the far right reminds me of the foam inside high jump mats. Right on.


God this looks comfortable. All flats and comfy trousers. I just want to wear this around Newtown, duck up to the chemist. Not pictured - huge oversized Puss-In-Boots belt buckles. Really like this undone style of tuxedo dressing, Philo does casual so well.

Alexander McQueen

This is one of the most simple ranges I've seen from Sarah Burton, and I think it makes it so strong. I would actually genuinely wear this and not feel like I was in Mardi Gras or like I was Lady Gaga. Inspired by puritans, pilgrims, nuns and popes, this collection probably better deserves the term "irreverent". Really hope to see a celebrity with a killer caboose wear the dress on the left on the red carpet. Maybe Helen Mirren.

x Maddy

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