Wednesday, 20 February 2013



 Shirt - Cue, Skirt - Konstantina Mittas, Shoes - Wittner, Necklace - Nervous System
Photographer - Lucy Alcorn

First ever outfit post! How inaugurous!

When you have flaming red hair, sometimes you just throw your hands up and wear black and white for a solid week. Buying these amazing Wittner shoes just tipped me right over the edge - and my god are they comfortable! They have cylindrical heels - its like walking on wheat silos. So amazing.

Also having an obsession with Etsy store Nervous System - incredible laser cut jewellery all inspired by nature. Not in a cutesy flowers and leaves and dolphins leaping around kind of way, more in a scientific way. Some are inspired by intricate corals and others by the microscopic goings on of plants.

Outfit posts will hopefully be weekly, so you'll have to put up with our weird faces all up in your faces in about a weeks time. Until then, enjoy!

x Maddy

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  1. This is gorgeous! Loving the blog so far, and great looks.
    A x