Thursday, 28 March 2013

Three Floor - Please Get On Me

Three Floor Spring 13 is absolutely incredible - the sparkles, the lurex, the tweed, oh my. If it wasn't clothes that I could wear I would try and eat this collection its so good. And its actually a within-the realms-of-reality price point too! $190 AUD for a dress, $143 for a top. I'm meant be saving in general but I feel like I need that green collar dress for all the ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I go to at night.

x Maddy

Monday, 25 March 2013

Boohoo Global Styler X Near Baldness

Glasses, skirt & tights - Boohoo, Shirt - Cue, Jacket - ASOS, Shoes - Zara
Photographer - Chris Foster

I'M WEARING BA-HA IN SAHDNAH! I decided to type that in a north shore accent for no apparent reason.

I am all about these wooden sunglasses even though they are too big for my tiny child's head. So lovely and smooth, reminds me of driftwood. Also this shirt is one of my favourites (thank you very much DFO, stands for Dangerous Fucking Open-Your-Wallet. Not sure why though, since that doesn't make any sense). I wish it glowed in the dark.

x Maddy

Ps. I have no hair any more and its the best idea I've ever had.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sitting On Strangers Cars In Booty Shorts

Jacket - Vintage, Shirt - Antipodium, Shorts - Lee, Shoes - Sportsgirl, Frames - Jono Hennessy

Photographer - Lucy Alcorn

Some days you just want to put on impossibly tiny denim shorts and put dents in impossibly tiny cars with your booty. It makes me feel like Godzilla.

I'm pretty sure that's all I want to say. I realised at work today that I never read the things that are written under bloggers outfit posts. It could say "I AM THE LINDBURGH BABY" and then a bunch of ASCII art and I still wouldn't notice it, because outfit posts are for looking at pretty clothes and how said clothes are put together on a human body. I don't think clothes need to be 'reviewed'. I don't really care how they function, I just care how they look, and I can do that with my looking peepers, not my reading peepers.

In saying that I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff anyway.

x Maddy

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Vintage compact - metroretrovintage, Vintage triangle brooch - Chris Melendez, Vintage star pendant - Renaissance Jewelers, Vintage hexagon watch - Loop And Buckle, Ring - Vintage Penny Lane, Earrings - Kohls

Not just a crappy seashell you find fashioned into turtles and frogs in souvenier shops in coastal towns, abalone shell is like natures oil slick - sounds like a contradiction in terms, but man-oh-man is it on trend.

x Maddy