Monday, 18 March 2013

Sitting On Strangers Cars In Booty Shorts

Jacket - Vintage, Shirt - Antipodium, Shorts - Lee, Shoes - Sportsgirl, Frames - Jono Hennessy

Photographer - Lucy Alcorn

Some days you just want to put on impossibly tiny denim shorts and put dents in impossibly tiny cars with your booty. It makes me feel like Godzilla.

I'm pretty sure that's all I want to say. I realised at work today that I never read the things that are written under bloggers outfit posts. It could say "I AM THE LINDBURGH BABY" and then a bunch of ASCII art and I still wouldn't notice it, because outfit posts are for looking at pretty clothes and how said clothes are put together on a human body. I don't think clothes need to be 'reviewed'. I don't really care how they function, I just care how they look, and I can do that with my looking peepers, not my reading peepers.

In saying that I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff anyway.

x Maddy

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